The Pride Test

Who am I?

What am I worth?

Do I matter?

We can easily get caught using the wrong standard, the wrong measure when we ask these questions. Followers of Jesus are called to think of themselves with “sober judgement” (Romans 12:3). This “Pride Test” is a tool to check ourselves for areas of pride.

“The more I make of me, the less I make of Christ; but the more I make of Christ, the more He makes of me.”

This test is from the message “Living All In, Part 1”

1) Do you long for a lot of attention?

2) Do you become jealous or critical of people who succeed?

3) Do you always have to win?

4) Are you argumentative and always think your way is the right way, the only way, or the best way?

5) Do you have a pattern of lying or shading the truth?

6) Do you have a hard time acknowledging you were wrong?

7) Do you become defensive when you are criticized or corrected?

8) Do you have a lot of conflicts with other people?

9) Do you get upset when people do not honor your achievements?

10) Do you tend more toward an attitude of entitlement instead of thankfulness?

11) Do you talk too much about yourself?

12) Do you frequently interrupt people when they are speaking?

13) Do you have a sharp, critical tongue and are quick to point out fault with others?

14) Do you resent being asked or expected to serve your family, your children, your parents, or others?

15) Do you often complain about the weather, your health, your circumstances, your job, or your church?

16) Do you work hard to leave a better impression of yourself than is really true?

17) Do you react negatively to rules or have a hard time being told what to do?

18) Do you find it hard to admit to others you need practical and/or spiritual help?

19) Do you have a touchy, sensitive spirit? Are you easily offended or get your feelings hurt easily?

20) Are you thinking of how many of these questions apply to someone else?