Discipleship – Book recs for going deeper

Below are top resources for a deeper study in discipleship

Personal Disciplemaking I Christopher Adsit

Most disciplemaking strategies employ a “materials-oriented” approach – “If you take the disciple through this set of materials, they will be discipled.” Personal Disciplemaking takes a “needs-oriented” approach. That is, let’s first assess where the needs are in this growing Christian, discern what God is doing in his or her life, and partner with HIM in the process. The first eight chapters give practical, general help in what is involved in the discipling process. The next twelve chapters focus on initial follow-up of a new Christian – the first twelve things you should do with a new believer in Christ. The final section helps the reader lay out a plan for a lifetime of discipling, using the Personal Disciplemaking Tool Kit. The approach can be used in a one-to-one mentoring relationship, or as a curriculum for small group discipling.

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Disciplemaking: Training Leaders to Make Disciples I Billy Graham Center

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