A Guide to Biblical Decision-Making

How can we live faithfully with hope in a season like this which demands that we make so many unusual, unexpected decisions?

We can know easily what God desires of Christians everywhere at all times, from His Word through its: precepts or instructions, prohibitions, and promoted practices or illustrations of godliness. But for all believers, there are times when we want and need to know what God’s will is for us personally in some situation in particular to which the Bible doesn’t directly speak.

Many of us feel we must try to find answers elsewhere by reading books, listening to mainstream or not-so-mainstream news outlets, or getting guidance from those they follow on social media. But we must seek God’s wisdom!

When seeking the Lord to make a decision, we must always begin by seeking His guidance in the matter with submission and prayer for wisdom.  He is our Shepherd.  He promises to lead us. Because God gives us the freedom and responsibility to make choices believers are rightly concerned to make the right or best choice to bring Him glory among the possible actions they can see.

The “Guide for Biblical Decision-Making” below are TWO simple tools to help frame the decisions we face. Seek the truth in God’s Word first – gathering the facts – then use these tools to help guide you in discernment.

Download guide #1 here!

Download guide #2 here!